The company Southstar S.A. was founded in 2014 with the aim of designing and implementing innovative integrated waste management systems which can be combined with user-recognition and reward systems.

The company is responsible for the manufacture, marketing and technical support of its three different equipments, which are for the separate collection of recyclable materials, composting and reuse.

It also provides services for the management of the Green Points, collection of various waste streams, implementation of “Door-To-Door” as well as “Pay as You Throw” and “Earn as You Separate” systems.

It is one of the Local Government Organizations’ (Municipalities and Regions) main suppliers, providing high-level products and services such as: Mobile Green Points , Recycling Corners and Spots for separate collection of various streams, composters and reuse equipment and software, adapted to the requirements and the characteristics of the local authorities.

Southstar is designing and implementing “Smart Cities” systems, offering innovative solutions, which contribute to facilitating citizens’ daily lives, reducing the environmental footprint and saving resources for the local authorities. In this way, local authorities leverage wireless technologies to connect and improve infrastructure, efficiency and quality of life for both residents and visitors

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